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We promote a variety of musical expression and copyright by making our collections accessible.

Svensk Musik makes it possible to deposit, purchase and hire copyright protected music. Find all works here. Our eminent team will provide you with highest quality prints. We are situated at Hornsgatan 103, in Stockholm, Sweden.

In our collection you will find chamber music, solo concerts, symphonies, solo songs, choir, operas, EAM among other works by contemporary composers. And an extensive digitizing is being done of the Popular Music Archive which contains thousands of music scores and arrangements of popular genres.

Our mission

Our assignment is to document and making scores accessible within the contemporary unpublished music. It has been our mission since 1965. Our collections cover more than 21 000 deposited compositions, 1000 biographies and 70 000 sheets of popular music.

About the organization

Svensk Musik is a subsidiary to STIM, the organization of copyright protected music for songwriters, composers, text authors and music publishers worldwide. Our office administrates travel grants and awards to STIM affiliates. Svensk Musik is grateful to STIM and the Swedish Arts Council for invaluable support to the benefit of the cultural music heritage.

Board and financial statements

Let the world experience your music. Submit your manuscript to Svensk Musik.

We distribute and take care of your, as a STIM affiliate, unpublished works. Read more here.